We Invest in You, Because You’re Worth It

Your home is your most important investment. Make it your smartest one.

In your lifetime more money will flow through the home than any other form of investment. At retirement, 83% of America’s wealth is in home equity. How you manage this valuable asset over your lifetime can have significant consequences for wealth creation and ultimately the financial security you enjoy at retirement. So why lose so much of your hard-earned home equity just to sell your home?

Advancing technologies with more accurate information are empowering Sellers and Buyers to be more active participants in the real estate transaction. Sellers now have access to the identical data as appraisers to correctly value their home while, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 72% of Buyers are finding the home they purchase compared to only 28% of the time their real estate agent found the home the Buyer’s purchased.

These facts provide more evidence that as agents enter the transaction process much later, real estate consumers are doing more while the agents are doing less. The result is the importance of the agent’s role and the value the real estate consumer receives has dramatically diminished. Yet real estate commissions remain exorbitantly high and as homes appreciate agents are making more for doing less causing the consumer is receiving significantly less value.

Sell & Buy Smart believes the current system is broken and fundamentally wrong. With over 100 years and several billion dollars of collective residential, commercial and real estate finance experience, it was crystal clear to the Sell & Buy Smart founders that the American real estate consumer had radically evolved while the industry and its archaic commission model had not.

A New Model to Best Serve the Modern Real Estate Consumer

With the sole purpose of serving the consumer’s best interest, we created a business model that simply focused on what is most important to the real estate consumer and eliminated what isn’t. The result was brand new “people centered” real estate group model that dramatically drove down costs without compromising on quality of customer service.

By providing “best-in-class” full service while reinvesting a significant amount of our commissions – sometimes all of our commissions as with our 0% Listing Free Smart Move-Up Program – you will net the most profit possible when you sell so you have more of your own money to buy your next home. Whether you are a first-time home Buyer or seasoned real estate investor, you will not find another real estate group that is a true real estate partner that works harder and actually invests in you to protect your hard-earned home equity and net worth. Experience the peace of mind knowing that you made the best decision possible to protect your most important investment and secure your family’s financial future.