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More than a Real Estate group, a Partner that Invests in You!

Stop Wasting Money On Excessive Real Estate Fees

Every year, American homeowners lose $43 billion dollars of net worth by overpaying on real estate commissions. You’ve worked too hard to build your home equity to lose such a large amount just to sell your home. Take control back and break free from the status quo of an antiquated real estate commission model that no longer serves your best interest. You deserve more. Experience “best in class” full service for a fraction of the cost so you net the most profit possible.

You’ve Invested in Your Home, It’s Time Somebody Invested in You

Your home is not only your most important investment, it’s the place where life’s greatest memories are created. Shouldn’t your real estate group care about your home as much as you do? We care. Other real estate groups will say they do but ask them to work for free. Sell & Buy Smart is not just a real estate group, but more of a Partner that Invests in you. By giving you back our commission, you will make the most profit possible to have more of your own money to buy your next home. So when you sell or buy your next home with us, we put you first, and our commissions last.

More than a real estate group, a partner that invests in you!

The Smart Move-Up Plan

Selling and buying a home doesn’t have to be so complicated and expensive. Here’s how we do it.

We List Your Home For 0% Listing Fee

Just Pay The Buyer’s Agent Commission. No Flat Fee, No Fine Print. We Work For Free!

Receive 1% Buyer Credit

Buy A Better “Dream Home” With The Extra Money We Invested In You!

Feel Like a "Real Estate Genius"

Buy Your Dream Home Knowing You Were Really Smart With Your Most Important Investment!

How Much Will Smart Move-Up Save You?
Smart Move-Up Savings
Select Your Commission Rate:
Sellers Agent   Total Commissions
With Traditional Agents 15,000 = $30,000
With Sell & Buy Smart $3,000 = $7,500
Smart Move-Up Savings
*0% Listing Fee Smart Move-Up Savings of
$7,500 is Our Investment in You!

With our Smart Move-Up Program, you’ll receive “best in class full service” of any traditional broker but for absolutely FREE. Just pay the Buyer agent’s fee and let us represent you on your next home purchase.

More Than a Real Estate
a Partner That Invests in

Your home is your most important investment. Make it your smartest one. 

In your lifetime more money will flow through the home than any other form of investment. At retirement, 83% of America’s wealth is in home equity. How you manage this valuable asset over…

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Revolutionizing the Real Estate Experience

Here’s how Sell & Buy Smart delivers unprecedented savings and unparalleled value.
You now have a trusted partner that’s invested in your success!

Real People, Real Stories, Real Results

“Sell & Buy Smart invested all of their commissions so we could move-up to a home beyond our wildest dreams. Best real estate experience ever!”

Martin, Rashell & Family

$48,500 Invested

“Sell & Buy Smart is one of the best things that’s happened to my family. They were there every step of the way and continue to be a year and a half later. I highly recommend Sell & Buy Smart.”

Sharon, Julian, & Cameron

$12,500 Invested

“When my financial planner told me about a real estate group that invested their commissions into their clients, I absolutely didn’t believe it. Sell & Buy Smart is the smartest and hardest working real estate group I’ve ever worked with. They are the real deal!”

Scott, Stephanie & Family

$24,500 Invested

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More Than a Real Estate group, a Partner That Invests in You

Hear Hannah & Kyle’s story of how Sell & Buy Smart helped them find the exact home their family was looking for.